Amores Defunctuus Tuus Mater


Anima Interitus

In the light a shade of embers made
A wraith of ashen dust cascade
A spirit of darkness in empty space
A calling unto an unknown face

In innocence fair a being created
A child of lust, the phantasm so great
A sworn virtue of purity in state
A solemn guest without anguish has been laid

In love a life whose star has gazed
A casted reflection of mundane plain
A chilled reaction to sorrows name
A soul deceived from human grace

In starkness borne from insight so strange
A gallant shadow of unwanted craves
A decadent cast of lust betrayed
In life as in death a nothing awaits

Somnus Pulchritudo

I am as frost upon death's breeze
In darkness unshunned this land is my own
I gaze into the life that is lost 
In desolation untamed a flower has no birth

No sword of faith shall grant thee rest
A palace of pain and unrelenting death
No shame can save the bloodwept earth
No cries to hear a lost moments turn
I am as frost upon death's breeze

I am the lack that severs your hope
In silent wishes your soul is my throne
I cast my face into your lifeless eyes
In sombre delights I boast these putrid relics

Blood of the Seraphim

Ascend to the mist in foreign dimensions
Lying cold and still unto death's long stare
Breathe in the toxic fumigation of hate
As blood and flesh decay in the air

A line with no boundaries encramped in rage
A holocaust of lust, disdain, and pain 
No future is certain, kill again and again
Wipe your tears of peace in pieces
Blood of the seraphim

The dead beseech the souls of the lost
Forgotten oaths and promises uncared
Open graves of mortal wounds
Enshrouded ghosts in crypts profaned

Torn in slaughter in refuted disgrace
A callous reversion fallen in shame
A battle for death as life lies blamed
Speak not your prayers so sombre in silence

Withered and cold, a slave to none
Unknown and disowned, descended in blood
Untamed and deranged, abandoned as one
Acclaimed and estranged, a disguise of raw lust