Apocalypsis Damnare


Apocalypsis Damnare (6:47)

I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End
Be Thou Faithful unto Death
Fear ye none of these things
And I will Kill thy childer with Death
As many I love I rebuke and chasten
Ten thousand times Ten thousand
And before the throne
there was a sea of glass like unto crystal
And I look and Behold a Pale Horse,
His name that sits is Death
And Hell hath followed with Him
The Time of Death is here, no graves shall ever save
And the Smoke of Torment ascends Forever and Ever
I am the Seven Plagues of earth
Fear me all ye
Blessed are the Dead
Cast afar thy penance
Come unto Me, for I am thy Wisdom
His Name that standeth is Death
Blessed is My lasting Fortune
I am Alpha and Omega Be thou Faithful unto Death 

Pandemic (6:49)

Gathering Doom engulfs the Vast Darkened Abyss
A Savior of Despair; hellish Locusts of Impending Dread
Twisted, writhing contortions of life beget for Death
Conflicting moral; Defleshed Salvation 

Fallen Death upon the earth
Freefall of might
Enshrined, Dethroned world
Alienated ostracism 

Incessant mortals, wasted life awaiting Death
Nurture to digress, nature of life's Brokeness
Laughter of the earth, Sardonic uncleanliness
Lustful Morbid race, pathetic empathy 

Unborn malaised yearning, putrify to life's End
Stagnant breath and blood, Virulent Circle

Human Rot (5:37)

"Praise the Dead to Contempt the living" 

Behind the Eyes of Lustful Death
I Await in Slumber to bequeath Unrest
For within the Walls of an Enshrined, Decayed Tomb
The corrupted Living of the Dead lie astray 

Condensed state of Consciousness 

Existence writhing in Flesh - Forgotten Sorrow
Stench of Remains Reek - Eternal Tomorrow 

Enshrouded Visions of Darkness betray the innocent
Strolling the Path of life, Soul of Might
Pervading Fear for they know, wrenching
Path of Blood falls to the Abyss 

The Dead are to become
And the living shall no more
Embrace the life within 

Blind Light
Crypt of the Night 

The Dead speak of the Path they follow
Light for some for Other's know

Saprophyte (5:30)

Taken from Mortal Sin, Underrealm lives again
Reposing form, life of End, open couch viewed again
Weep away, sobbing cry, Turn away and wonder why
Course of pain drives insane, heart of Blood drains again 

Furnished for Beyond
Life has drained away
Cold and hard Despair
Of the lives that were paired 

Sealed to Rest in thy comfort selected chest
Protected form everlasting, Sentiment of Stone
Lie in bed, dear Body, dysfunctioned form of human life
Earthen concrete Palace is thy Eternal board of peace 

Lowered down in the Ground, Sealed away, numbing sound
Shrieking pain seen again, Underrealm reigns supreme
Reared Sombre, Stiffened breath, restore life on again
Lavish Death, Mortal Sin, reign of Underrealm again

Holy Suicide (3:27)

Infliction of Sorrow, Trespasser of Pain
Knowledge of the Future, Symptom of your gain
Power of the Father, leading you to Death
Aware of what's to Become beyond your Last Breath
Freedom of enslaved blood, Those you have Failed
Forgiveness of thy children, Shed of Darkness Prevails
King of Unholy people, atop a crown of Thorns
Take his Bloody hand into the Land of the Promised
......Committer of Holy Suicide 

Oracle of righteousness, assurance of salvation,
leader of Whistful souls
Gathering the Broken one's enchantment of faith
Sardonically profound and Cold
Hooked upon the symbol of the Holy people
Blood-Stained and grey
Face to the Skull with Death, the Fate that you have known
it is the Only way 

"For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son"
to Rot and Wither away
"In the beginning", from then on fortold
he will Die someday
"Save your Servant", primary goal 
on your knees and pray 

Born here to Save, turn away and Die
Look down at your people, they wonder why 

The King, Son, Savior Died by his own Hand
to free enslaved servants to serve him in his Land 

Misery (6:27)

Time to end the suffering
I cannot stand the pain
I don't care who it hurts
Because life just isn't worth it
Mirrored in my eyes 
The agony of my life
Uncontrolled rage from within
When will it all end 

Death growing closer
A needed change from hate
I've suffered long enough
And now it must end
The pain I have lived with
Consumes my existence
Left to endure alone
I must go to my destiny 

Now I Die 

Dark shadows play on my mind
Dismal embrace of solitude
Searching for an easy end
Deliverance from my Misery 

Mirrored in my eyes
the agony of my life
I must now go
To my final rest
End growing closer
I feel the cold of Death
My pain is slowly lifting
As I drift away 

My mind grows silent
My hands grasp the emptiness
No future in sight
Just the darkened end
Light growing dimmer
Like the hope I once possessed
Final act of loneliness
Death at my own Hand

The Deathless Sol (7:10)

As Decembre falls like a shaded Moon
And Death Sleeps the Nocturnal Cold
The desolate trees do cry to the Eve
And the breath of earth has Frozen the sun 

Flowing Dark Stream of Death
Freezing shrine, dawn will never come 

As the dawn fades to Endless Twilight
And the dusk does fall to Immortal Night
The Blackened seas do Whist and Freeze
And the Nighttide sky rings Perpetual Unlight 

Starlight, Starbright
Descend unto Frozen Depths 

Seething Silence Darkened Unworld 

Volatile Nothingness
Freezing shrine, dawn shall Never rise