Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus



O' early morning sunrise
Save my soul and light my face
Then a shadow fallen from heaven
Came and took me far from grace

My life is now lost, hope is gone
Lay down upon my grave, I am now dead

O' angels of the darkness
Touch my flesh and hide thy face
Take my body into stardust
And the earth shall fall in flames 


Silens Somnium

Should I wake before the dawn in a cascade of sleep
I shall scream in silent dreams
A slumber in mourning and aching breath
The skybound sol rays a pallid disease
"Mommy! Where are you? I am cold and scared!"
"Little one, be silent. Unto the earth you are spared."
No rainbows nor fairies adorn my bed
As darkness slips over my obscuring, wet head 
I am weak, I am pale, my humours have shunned
My soul has been cast though my body clings on

Incompertus quod anon

In fair innocence that died without light
A fallen swift breath which fades in the night
A reflection of dreams that hallow to be
A fragment of stone to touch and to see

Such strong, fair sweetness, thy meek mortal one
Forgotten to some and to all but not one
Cradle your fears and weep as ye may
Thy chaste and soft radiance has died in the day

Laudare Apocalypsis

Blood rains down from the sky
Rivers choked with the fallen
Terror in the minds of the remaining
Death continues to reign supreme

The earth stained red as they die
Lifeless eyes see the end of time

Orphaned hope as the destruction continues
Pulverized bodies become the new earth

Forever night
No more light
Nothing left to see

Plague and Famine
Pestilence and Death
Holocaust complete

Acidic rain
Drowns the past
Future is forgotten

Eternal winter
Dark and cold
Deep as the endless void

Utter devastation, total desolation as the winds of tomorrow blow
The dreams of the Apocalypse have been fulfilled

Alveus de Somnus

Shallow names on faceless graves
Torn and tattered and scattered
Abound the land, harvested and
Barren of all that matters

Locked away beyond rusted gates
All around abound
Lie there those whom few do know
Deserted, forgotten, without

Prophecies I - Preapocalyptia

Ancient from the East turns its eye to the sky
Distant journey embarked the travelers succeed
The moon's change to red soon to be

Attention to the Frozen North
As strong winds crack apart
Livelihood lost to the bitter cold

A city torn by inner strife
Legendary heroes fail to rise
Justice sought for lives lost

Enduring drought suffering the cost
Light is obvious but the dark fails to see
Eight is the number with no solution


The horrors of my mind
cloud reality
Dark figures play,
tearing my soul

Decent to madness seems inevitable
All seems lost, devoid of hope
Sickness of mentality
Confusions of reality
Insane thoughts
drive my vision
Taking me to the end

Pain of suffering
Is all that keeps me alive
Agony, Misery, Despair
Guide me on my quest

Time Drifting...Senses Shifting
Feelings Gone...Forever Done

Lessons of life never learned
Useless guilt of survival
Tight embrace of emptiness
Darkness dulls the light

Symnptoms hidden behind desolation
The diagnosis never comes
Alive but not living
Hope of tomorrow is gone

Rex Regis Fortuna

A dusk in shadows, a palace in pain
A king without crown and a queen in shame
A sceptre destroyed among a throne maimed
A jester's court raptured in flames

A shallow moor in fog silhouette
A castle of souls breathes haunted breath
A path of blood royal upon ancient steps
A noble birth wrought forgotten death

A shadow of dust atop earth and stone
A fallen angel without heaven or home
A sombre praise borne by no one
A gallant virtue among clouds without sun

A dusk in shadows, a fortune of fame
A monarch of lust, forever erased
A rapture in twilight, a cold northern blaze
A solicitude of death unknown in disgrace