We all ponder the ideal circumstance of doing what we will without worthless dissent, ignorant opinion and the mere presence of those not involved. None of this should occur when it need not be concerned. Most of us, as should be, do as we will within our own space, not interfering with anyone or anything that is not necessary. It is only natural to want to fulfill our desires, our dreams and goals. After all, after having been granted the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, who could refuse a deserved chance at self-security?

            The natural desire of lust has always been an intense factor in the motivation of mankind. Kingdoms have been created and destroyed because of it. Any desire not properly exercised or exorcised will eventually lead to a compulsive, destructive behavior. This is especially true of lust as it is the second strongest factor in man's nature, the first being survival.

            All of us have our fantasies, our fetishes. These are enacted alone through masturbatory fancies or with a willing partner, sometimes enacted through role-playing. Man is the only known animal who is subdued to pleasure and physical gratification through orgasm. With all other species of animals sex is used for procreation. This is readily seen in the fact that certain species die after mating or the laying of eggs.

            Because homo sapiens have developed many a decree of standard for almost all of their practices, desires are often difficult or impossible to fulfill. With gratification through sexual release sometimes a difficult measure to obtain, we are forced into, oftimes excessive, practices of masturbation due to oftimes scarcity of willing and accepting sexual partners. However, self-gratification can be rather humdrum and disappointing - a partner is desired, sometimes more than one. But fear not for a solution is readily found in the little known, much feared, art and practice of necrophilia.

MYTH: Necrophilism is a direct result of mental and emotional imbalance.

FACT: Engagement in necrophilic acts may be a result of imbalance but it need not be. If applied properly, it can be used as a very beneficial tool for even the healing of the psychological and emotional framework of an individual. Should one be deprived sexually, this can be valuable in assisting one to ease their frustrations. If emotional attachment is desired, one can utilize a body into any circumstance - you are in control! The body can be equivalent to the psychological exercise of the empty chair, envisioning any desired person in the chair, and release, verbally, frustrations aimed at that person. This permits release of emotional strain, thereby allowing one to exist in a more eased state.

MYTH: Necrophilic encounters are not very fulfilling sexually.

FACT: All this requires is a modicum of imagination. One can imagine any circumstance desired and indulge. Sado-masochism, the neighbor's wife, a one-night stand, or any role play desired can be easily enacted. One can furnish the room in any manner desired; the sounds within are your choice; fragrances can be applied; a meal can be served; dress-up can be performed in order to assist in making the fantasy as real as possible. It has been often said that an enacted fantasy is not as rewarding or pleasurable as an imagined fantasy. This is stated by those who, often due to excessive guilt, are unable to completely release themselves when engaged in enacted fantasy. They then hold back desire which could readily make the situation worthwhile. They make themselves insecure to the enticing voluption.

MYTH: After death, the contraction of a body's muscles make it difficult or impossible for sexual positioning and penetration.

FACT: Even though the desired body may be literally stiff, there are ways to alleviate undesired body contraction. Rigor mortis is the term given to describe the state of a deceased body when the muscles are in a contracted state. This is due to the coagulation of sarcolactic acid, which can be termed muscle fluid. Once it has left the body it will not return. All bodies go through this stage unless they are embalmed before rigor mortis has had a chance to set in.

    Rigor mortis may also be so transitory as to escape notice, but nevertheless it is there. It occurs 3-5 hours after death on average, but it can also vary. Very old and very young persons take a longer amount of time to achieve rigor mortis but it is not as intense as a person between the age range. For example, if a person in their twenties died, the onset of rigor mortis will be more rapid than in the previous cases. It will leave the body in a shorter period of time but will be more intense. This is especially true should the person had been enduring physical exercise when death occurred. Exercise leads to a buildup of lactic acid, which in life causes muscle fatigue. This buildup of lactic acid may cause a body to rigor almost immediately. There is even a condition which mimics rigor mortis known as instantaneous rigor. This is a nervous condition which causes immediate muscle contraction. This is readily seen in cases of suicide in which the individual has shot themselves in the head. Those involved in removal of the body have great difficulty in removing the gun from the trigger hand.

    Now on to ways to cast aside unwanted rigor. Massaging the contracted area is a very beneficial method of relieving rigor mortis. At times bodily orifices may be so contracted as to prevent penetration. An adequate amount of massaging will serve as a remedy.

    Around the anal orifice it is necessary to concentrate on the external anal sphincter, pubococcygeus, ilicoccygeus and anococcygeus raphe muscles. Inserting a finger into the anus will also serve well to relieve the internal anal sphincter. In order to get clearance to orifices such as the anus, limbs must be dealt with. Since it takes an immeasurably long amount of time massaging the entire body, it is much easier and more practical to tear the muscles by flexing and extending the limbs nearly doing away with the problem. This is referred to by many in the funeral profession as "breaking" rigor mortis. For entry of the vagina, muscle massage may be needed here as well. This can be easily adjusted to the desired fit. With this aspect one may easily make it feel like a first time encounter. Rigor mortis in the vagina can be likened to vaginismus, a condition during life in which the surrounding muscles, often the levator ani, contract to such an extent that penetration can be near if not completely impossible. This condition can be the result of localized physical and even psychological trauma. The cavernous urethra or penis, of the male does not, however, maintain erection from rigor mortis.

MYTH: Due to the uncanny persistence of the AIDS virus, intercourse with a deceased body will leave one vulnerable to contagion of the viron even after 48 hours of death.

FACT: The AIDS virus is indeed a survivor. It can survive up to 30 minutes outside the human body. And since viruses are obligate parasites (they must have a host), this is indeed a persistent microbe. However, all studies to date have shown that the AIDS virus is no longer found in a body following 21ΒΌ hours after death. But then arises matters of personal taste. A body loses 4 degrees of heat per hour in the first stages of algor mortis (body cooling). As the body nears the temperature of its surrounding medium the heat loss will drop to about 1.5 degrees per hour until the body and its environment are the same. After 21 hours or so a body will become sufficiently cooled. This may or may not be desirable for some but for others this is longed for. Also, a body dead due to AIDS-related complex has lost a great deal of mass. 10% of body mass loss is the designated minimum. This can almost literally be akin to being atop or underneath a "bag of skin and bones".

MYTH: Bodily decomposition is an offensive and unwarranted circumstance for sexual practice.

FACT: This can be very much be a beneficial circumstance in which to engage one's sincere delights. It is well know that many desire partners of a different race or ethnicity due to the exotic and therefore highly desirable nature of the would-be encounter. All one need do is apply a little imagination to this aspect of this fine art as well. Depending upon the new color and texture of the body's flesh, one may think of any exotic breed of human encounter they wish.

    Another benefit may arise from the fact that decomposing flesh is soft and slippery as this is will assist in the "gliding" in and out of the desired orifice. Should the body not be decomposed, or at least to a lesser extent, some petroleum or K-Y jelly will help in ease of "gliding". As far as any abounding stench, perfumes and other scents of a more desirable nature can be applied. There may even be a way for adequate ventilation of the room. Some, however, may thoroughly enjoy the fresh new scents given off from the body. It is little known due to the "forbidden" nature of the aspect but many people enjoy the smell of their own flatus. This may assist the "undesirable" smell of the body's malodorous condition. Providing one can liken the smell in a way as to relate the two to the olfactory senses, no more need be done. It also is of assistance in recognizing the type of odor released, either through flatulation or bodily decomposition. Indeed one can surely pick out the diet of themselves or of another through the stench of the pervading gas release. Lipolysis, or the decomposition of fats, has a truly distinctive odor. It is also the third product in the stages of and for bodily decomposition. The order of decomposition of body compounds is: A) carbohydrates B) proteins C) fats D) firm protein then E) bone. This is characterized in the general decomposition process and the types of decomposition. They are as follows: Fermentation is the decomposition of carbohydrates under aerobic condition through the actions of enzymes of bacteria. Saccharolysis is the decomposition of sugars ( a type of carbohydrate decomposition), regardless of the causative agent. Proteolysis is the decomposition of proteins without regard of the causative agent. This can be further broken down into two specific categories. If the bacterial action is aerobic, then it is known as decay. This results in the evolution of compounds devoid of foul odors. Putrefaction on the other hand is proteolysis occurring under anaerobic conditions. This is the last in the development of the normal post mortem phenomena. The release of the products formed by the action of the enzymes of the bacteria in the circumstance result in poisonous gas and liquid formation. Some of the end products of putrefaction are: ammonia and ammonia compounds, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen phosphide, mercaptans, methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water, hydrogen, and phosphoric and sulfuric acids. Saponification is a modification of putrefaction. It is the transformation of certain fatty substances into a substance known as grave wax or adipocere, This condition has a greasy feel, is either pure white or pale yellow in color. It also has the odor of decayed cheese. For this circumstance to occur, the body must be in a very moist or humid environment or be immersed in a fluid medium. There is much more but the main objective for this matter has been attained.

MYTH: Even after realizing the benefits and pleasures of loving a corpse, finding one is too difficult.

FACT: May funeral parlors have their embalming rooms easily accessible from the flower room, where the deliveries are placed. This is because caskets are often taken in this way. This provides for easy access to the embalming room so that the body may be placed into the casket, thus near finalizing it for reposition.

    Hospital morgues are usually located near the loading docks. This allows for easier, and more private, removal of remains. It has been noticed in some instances that the cafeteria area is also within the vicinity of the morgue.


    The field is fresh. There is much room for experimentation. This can be a hobby which will leave one feeling vitalized. Apply all personal tastes to achieve contentment. There will always be those who will consider this a truly degrading and disgusting endeavor, but obviously their beings are not emancipated. Begin on your conquest. If you should feel squeamish, exposure will surely cure you. Prop up the body in any position desired. The list is long. There is plenty for all. Reliable analysts have predicted that by the year 2004-2005 the death rate will begin to equal the birth rate. There are no reasons for lack of indulgence anymore, only excuses. Indulge and enjoy for after all it is the appearance of one's body to which we are first attracted, end it the same.