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May 27, 2022 "What's that sound? Could it be?
Voluntatem Dei off the forthcoming album Praeparet Bellum."
July 19, 2021 "New CD of Ridenti Mortuus released by Silent Time Noise Records. Be sure to get yours. Merchandise Page."
December 22, 2019 "The Bandcamp page for Ridenti Mortuus has been updated with remixed songs."
November 11, 2018 "The long silence has lifted. Get the new, long awaited, EP from bandcamp.com"
October 1, 2018 "Updated Merchandise Page to link all music on bandcamp.com."
October 1, 2018 "Site updated with the new comings. Check out the Media Page for the lyrics, and a song."
September 23, 2018 "Distant rumblings can be felt. The Eleventh month on the Eleventh day, the silence shall be broken."
September 23, 2018 "All songs now available at Digital downloads to all songs on bandcamp.com"
September 29, 2017 "Changed hosting companies.
Hopefully it is more reliable now.
You'd think after 13 years with the same host, they'd be a little more helpful. JERKS"
October 14, 2015 "ZOMZ now has a new home
Check there often for updates and news and happenings."

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