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07/09/09 "Minor site fixaroos."
07/07/09 "7" split with Persistence In Mourning is planned for the first release by the new Total War and Terror Records from Germany late 2008, early 2009."
10/09/08 "Minor site updates."
01/27/08 "After another long battle, the guestbook is finally back in action."
01/24/08 "The CD is now available for sale on the Merchandise page."
01/24/08 "After a week of struggles with the hosting company and their server "upgrades" Smiling Death is finally back online."
01/04/08 "The album has finally been released. The vinyl is available now, the CD shall be available at the end of January. Check out the Download page for samples and buy it from the Merchandise page. Vinyl includes cover of Tears For Fears song "Mad World" CD includes live video footage."
12/12/07 "Yes, we have passed the official release date, but have no fear, the real release is happening soon."
10/08/07 "New Rigor Sardonicous Patch added to merchandise page."
10/08/07 "Finally, an official release date for the album has been set. 12/03/07. Due to production problems and delays, the Sleepless video will not be included on the CD version, but something EVEN better is taking its place...Stay tuned to this page for further developments."

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